PassCovid®, the Digital Health Passport

For effective epidemic management of COVID-19

In this context of global health crisis, health professionals need access to clear, available and structured information to provide appropriate care. 

PassCovid® allows citizens to securely enter their medical information on a Digital Health Passport and share it with the healthcare professionals of their choice. Frail people (chronic diseases, old age, etc.) can communicate essential data in their health record.

PassCovid® can therefore facilitate the work of medical staff in the management of "at risk" patients infected with COVID-19.

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Discover PassCovid®

and its benefits

For a progressive and secure deconfinement

Thanks to a useful technology

The PassCovid® Digital Health Passport is a secure space where you can fill in your medical information and in particular your screening test.From a simple internet connection, the user can interact with his health record anytime and anywhere.  

PassCovid® can therefore enable authorities to better manage the distribution of tests and verify, in real time, their effectiveness via our HeartCode® system. Thanks tothis flash-code revisited by us, it is possible to check the status of citizens according to a colour code:

- Green: user immune to COVID-19.
- Orange:
user not immune to COVID-19, must protect himself while moving (mask,gloves, etc.)
- Red:
infected user, he must limit his movements and remain confined.

The Heart-Code® is affixed to a virtual/physical card and guarantees personalizeddigital identification. 

A good way to find out ifcitizens are immunized for possible travel in France or abroad!

PassCovid - Deconfinement
PassCovid - Medical Care

Better medical care

Saving time during the anamnesis

Thanks to PassCovid®, medical and paramedical professionals will be able to direct patients to specific circuits according to their profile. In one click, practitioners can instantly send a letter, a summary and follow-up sheet (in digital format) to the PassCovid® space of patients following a consultation or hospitalization.

With the approval of users, the EMS can, for example, directly access the information provided by citizens on their PassCovid®. An instant display that allows professionals to obtain valuable data on the patient's medical history.

PassCovid® can therefore make an effective contribution to relieving congestion in Emergency Departments (EMS) and save precious time for healthcare professionals.

Clear health communication

For informed decision making

PassCovid® gives the State and various players connected with the world of healthcare (research laboratories, medical and paramedical professionals, etc.) the opportunity to generate and distribute health questionnaires to a targeted audience.

Targeting the population can be based on region, medical history or identified status.

Examples of possible investigations: risk assessment, psycho-social aspects, surveys, participation in medical therapeutic research, digitisation of clinical trial protocols and follow-up forms in direct digital link with study participants, "real life" data feedback, monitoring of treatment side effects, link with the field, reporting, etc.

Thanks to PassCovid®, city, ambulatory and hospital medicine will be able to be connected to each other, to patients and to the State (Ministry of Health) for more informed decision making and for global participation in the creation of intelligent data bases, structured and exploitable by artificial intelligence.

PassCovid - Communication
PassCovid - Post-Crisis Management

Post-crisis management

Via a personalized dashboard

PassCovid® can help manage the post-crisis period by better targeting at-risk populations and regions to be prioritized for gradual release from containment or for screening tests. 

PassCovid® offers many perspectives for a progressive and secure deconfinement:
- Anticipate the second wave of the epidemic with targeted epidemiology and risk mapping. 

- Reliably know the result of the screening test
with direct access to the dated, certified and non-forgeable report. My health data is always secure thanks to a unique medical identity.   

- Personalised and relevant prevention with traceability
of a citizen's health history: better knowledge of the patient, which allows for more effective management of infected people.